Aesthetics of modern theatre

Aesthetics of modern theatre


The Department of Kazakh literature and theory of literature of the faculty of Philology and world languages regularly conducts educational work on the development of students ‘ value orientations, moral, aesthetic culture. It has become a tradition to visit museums, theaters and cinemas.

First-year students of the specialty “Kazakh language and literature”, as well as students from China , who are trained in academic mobility, for the first time visited one of the oldest theaters of the city – the State academic Kazakh drama theater named after M. Auezov.

Even before the performance, they plunged into the amazing atmosphere of the theater – the world of beauty. Photos, posters of performances,exhibitions, costumes of theater artists.The students watched with interest the Comedy of Dulat Isabekov “Main” of the innocent Ashton.

After watching the play, we enthusiastically discussed the plot, the idea, the characters, shared our impressions. Visiting theaters develops aesthetic taste , enriches the spiritual world, erudition. For example, the name of the play goes back to the winged Kazakh expression “Eskertkish – El muraty”.

Students were charged with positive emotions from watching and expressed a desire to visit theaters in the future.


  1. Bisenbaev, senior lecturer of the Department of Kazakh literature and theories of literature
  2. Karbozov, associate Professor of Kazakh literature and theories of literature