Educational hour


Pazylbek Bisenbaev

Senior Lecturer of the Department of Kazakh

Literature and Literature Theory at Kazakh

National University named after Al Farabi


Educational hour

At the Kazakh National University named after al-Farabi, fourth-year students of the Faculty of Philology and World Languages ​​of the Kazakh branch, along with a teacher of Kazakh literature of the Kazakh Literature and Literature Department, conducted an educational hour on “5 social initiatives of the President.” Particular attention was paid to the third item – the allocation of a large number of educational grants.

Students of the group carefully studied 5 initiatives of the President, expressed the opinion that the decision is correct and important not only for incoming entrants, but for all student youth. This is a great chance for many yesterday’s schoolchildren to receive a grant and a future profession. Especially lucky for those who will qualify for a philological specialty. Our country needs humanitarian specialists to develop creativity, new technologies that meet world standards. This will be a huge help for many graduates from low-income families who studied well and received knowledge in school, but did not have the opportunity to study for fee.

The initiative to build new, modern hostels that meet world standards is an important social issue for many students who came from remote regions. And if this issue is resolved, then all students will rejoice in this and they will feel the care of the state and will strive even harder to study and work for the benefit of their university and country.

One of the Initiatives N.A. Nazarbayev called “new opportunities for the acquisition of housing.” He said that mortgage loans should become more affordable. The second initiative, Nazarbayev, put forward a reduction from next year’s tax burden on the population with low incomes. As a third idea, he proposed improving the conditions for student youth, promising to allocate 20,000 more educational grants and calling for a reflection on public-private partnerships in the construction of dormitories for students.

Fourthly, the Kazakh president said the need to expand microcredit in order to make loans affordable for villagers seeking to open their business. The students have been demoted that they already prepare presentations of the start-up English language for opening their own business at additional sessions. In their opinion, this can also help students open their business. The upbringing hour was fruitful and the 5 Presidential Initiatives inspired the students.