Science and creativity

Pazylbek Bisenbaev

Senior Lecturer of the Department of Kazakh

Literature and Literature Theory at Kazakh

National University named after Al Farabi




Science and creativity



In the conditions of establishing a humanistic paradigm in education, a free, developed and educated personality is recognized as the greatest value, able to live and create in an ever-changing world. Creativity, developed in the student years, can become a strong basic savagery of any specialist. An important condition for achieving this goal is the creation of a creatively variable, and at the same time, saturated with various types of activities, a full-fledged educational environment of the university.
The Kazakh National University named after al-Farabi is a model of creating a rich and developing  educational environment,  special attention is paid not only to the improvement of the educational process, but also to the development of extracurricular, including social and educational activities.

The university revived the institute of pedagogical mentoring and strengthened the educational functions of the advisers, now called curator-advisors. Activated club forms of work with students. Today, KazNU has 374 clubs and a mug.
Every student in KazNU can find the program and project according to his taste and claims. Department of Kazakh Literature and Literature Theory KazNU also does not stand aside from university traditions. Extracurricular activities, including social, educational, volunteer, educational, etc., were widely reflected in the work of clubs, societies and circles of the department: the student scientific society “Tulek”, the circle “Jadiger”, the research association of masters “School of the Young Scientist” and etc.

All these programs and projects, in spite of a certain focus, in general form social activity, the ability to adapt to new situations, build professional attitudes and career paths, develop creativity and leadership. Do not these qualities determine the path of the individual to success?