Anticorruption hour


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Anticorruption hour


KazNU named after Al-Farabi passed a single hour of anti-corruption information. The event was held on the eve of the International Day Against Corruption, which is celebrated on December 9 at the initiative of the United Nations. The teachers of the Faculty of Philology and World Languages ​​told the students about the importance of eradicating corruption in society.

Salim Kalkabayev, an associate professor of the Faculty of Philology and World Languages, noted that today much is done in this direction in the state and in this matter the role of young people is especially important, since right now within the university they must receive knowledge, understand and know their rights, exercise civil responsibility . At present, KazNU is implementing the project “University Outside of Corruption”, within the framework of which a whole complex of anti-corruption mechanisms and technologies is being implemented, aimed at setting the

preconditions for this social evil. These are new methods of continuous monitoring of students’ academic achievements, and completely different from the traditional format of examinations, excluding subjective factor in assessing knowledge, and sociological surveys of students and graduates for the identification of corruption manifestations and situations. During the anti-corruption hour, the speakers presented a presentation about the university, acquainted students with the Code of Corporate Culture of teachers and employees, and the Code of Honor of Students answered numerous questions. It should be noted that within the framework of the social project “Civil Control” in DSP “Keremet” a public reception organized by the youth resource center of the university is successfully working. Anyone can apply for advice or report corruption.