Moldabekov Amir Abusagitovichcandidate of philology,

 Holder of UNESCO award.

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Centuries past after we left the Earth. For five hundred years we moved through the Lion constellation, but due to the shift of the asteroid belt we had to change our course … But there was a great pleasure in coming back to our homeworld, the Solar System. The computer showed trajectory of the spaceship while it’s electronic voice warned commander Abdul-Hamid and then it printed on its screen:

  • The distance between the ship and planet Earth in Solar System is 384 400 km. According to the program we must stop and wait for permit from Earth.

  • They fixed everything, but buracracy is still a problem – commander noted while gazing into the star map. – Anar, where is Aigul? Are there any news from her?

  • Sir, please take a look at the hologram screen. Somebody wants to talk to you.

  • Oh my God! That’s “sun people” from the Moon!

  • Who are they?

  • These people are made from human atom-molecules, dont be biased against them. We are the same.

  • Commander, but if what you said is true … They are not really alive.

  • In this world all of us alive are not really alive, but you should not be biased.

  • We are in 384 400 km from Earth – said Alpamys with thundering voice heard everywhere on the ship.

  • Oh! That’s the distance between Moon and Earth. Why does that robot Alpamys kepp repeating that?

  • Commander, sir, that’s his job. He must report the distance to the next planet or the star, that’s his duty. – Anar answered.

  • And that Koblandy bot, what is it doing?

  • It checks every room so that no microelements from the other planets would reach Earth. – said Anara. – Koblandy wrote a poem and it keeps on reading it.

  • What poem?

  • Maybe you should ask it or do you want me to read it for you?

  • The bot should keep on working, you read it to me. It should be as long as that poem about forty warriors of Krym.

  • Ok I’ll read it, I wrote it down.

Anar took an electornik book in her hands and started to read:

  • Love is different on Mars,

  • There are a lot of girls at MujPI,

  • Guys are giving flowers to the girls,

  • Girls are asking guys out for a date.



  • So, what do you think, sir? Did you like the poem?

  • Wait a second. That poem belong to some author I can’t remember … Kudiyarbek?

“Sun people” appeared on the screen again. Silently walking into the room Aigul stated:

  • They are like deputies, talking about nothing just to deny us landing on Earth.

  • Their numbers dwindled.

  • What do you mean?

  • Sir Kosylgan is the cause of this. By age 70 he graduated from medical academy and made a breakthrough improving the average lifespan of a human five fold.

  • If that’s true then the Earth people must have rejuvenated. Koseke must have been married five times – laughingly said Aigul while looking at Anar. The laugher was interrupted by the commander.

  • Hey girls, you won’t get it from your sister-in-law. She’s as young as Kosylgan. After we land they are going to keep us in a pressure chamber for two months to equalize our age with the earth age. Our age is calculated as space age. You should understand everything by now.

  • Aigul, you were talking about deputies? When sun people appeared on hologram screen. – said commander.

  • Yes, there were deputies who promised to build hundreds of schools, cheap houses, build airplanes and ended up doing none of that and even missed the time when crops died under the snow. Our grandfathers were judge by one pile of grains.

  • Yes, there were deputies who lied to our president, lied to our people, closed down the schools. They even removed \ destroyed \ erased little auls. Where is Alpamys? It was saying something about meteorites.

Alpamys appeared silently, like an army man he showed his card and trajectories of the meteorites.

  • Here, in December from 7th to 20th there was a movement of a meteorite named Temenid. Movement of Leonid meteorites stopped from 10th to 20th of November. We had to land on Earth in the end of the last month and at the start of this month, according to the program.

  • The movement of Kvandrantida meteorites is going to last until mid February waiting, waiting …

After repeating it 2 or 3 times Alpamys finished and came all over commander’s tits.

The room became very silent. Our lector Abdul-Hamid gazed over people and noticed Daiur. “This choir boy must have been writing all night” – he though to himself, “Aizhan wake up this guy!”. Daiur flinched and immediately said:



Ай астында бір көл бар,

Ат шаптырса жеткісіз.

Ортасында алуа-шекер бар,

Татқан қулар жеткісіз.

Қараша үйде  қара бар ,

Хан ұлы басып өткісіз,

Алланың бір күні бар,

Бір жарым айда жеткісіз.

Мұңдас ерлер болмаса,

Менің айтқан сөздерім,

Құлқына жаман жеткісіз.


There is a lake under the moon,

No horse can reach it ever!

There is a honey-grass in the middle of it

The swan won’t be fed ever!

There is a kazakh among kazakhs,

He won’t be a khan ever!

One and a half month and one more day

Is nothing compared to one day from Allah!

The true meaning and light of my words

Those who never knew hardship and trouble,

Those greedy fools won’t ever get!



To be or not to be? Not to be!


  • Hey! We did not study poems of Makhambet yet!

Everyone in the room started laughing uncontrallably. Dauir looked at everyone not undestanding what was so funny, but then he got what he just did and sat down. So, lets finish the thought process of this boy. Why is it called “There is one river under the Moon” If Asankaygy – Zheruyek and Thomas Mo was looking for utopia on Earth then fantasy of Makhambet leads us to the world beyond our planet. It must be like that. That’s why they say « You can’t jump above your head». There is no place where Asankaygy Zhelmay couldn’t reach, he could reach everywhere. But he couldn’t reach the river under the Moon using a horse. That’s why  he needed spaceships … this is where we stop, we are going to finish this talk later.


Next time you should read the poem called “Wooden horse” and do the review on your own. Dismissed! – said the teacher.


Moldabekov Amir Abusagitovichcandidate of philology,

 Holder of UNESCO award.